We strive to be transparent and upfront about any possible fees that may be payable, helping you to make informed decisions with no surprises. Please do ask us any questions if you would like any further info or clarification using the Contact Us page. We'll be happy to answer you as quickly as we can.

Standard Fees

Standard Sales Commission 3%

Other Fees

Standard Rental Fees

Up to 6 month rental period Half a month's rent
Above 6 month rental period A full month's rent
All tenant contract renewals Half a month's rent

Managed Rental Fees

All managed rentals - paid monthly pro rata 15% of the total tenancy value

* 15% of the tenancy value means that you will have to pay 15% of the total income of the property for the dureation of our managed rental service. This is collected monhly unless otherwise stated.

**This excludes all external fees such as(but not limited to) lawyers, maintenance contractors and materials.